Recovery Warriorz advocates for the inclusion of all persons into our communities and actively encourages Self-Centered supportive paths and Recovery with resilience, all awhile curving incarceration trends. We serve all individuals and families coping with the challenges of developmental disabilities/mental health/addictions and incarceration by providing peer services to support them as they achieve their highest potential and best possible quality of life. We educate advocate and bring awareness to behavioral health/addictions and the school to prison pipeline.


Recovery Warriorz believes that peer support is a unique and essential element of recovery-oriented mental health and substance abuse systems. What are peer services? Peer support programs provide an opportunity for consumers who have achieved significant recovery to assist others in their recovery journeys. Peer specialists model recovery, teach skills and offer supports to help people experiencing mental health challenges lead meaningful lives in the community. Peer specialists promote recovery; enhance hope and social networking through role modeling and activation; and supplement existing treatment with education, empowerment, and aid in system navigation.

1. Why are peer services important? Research shows that the use of peer specialists, allows states to save mental health program dollars by reducing hospitalizations and other emergency interventions, and increases peoples participation in the community. And people with mental illness who are helped by peers tend to experience more thorough and longer-lasting recoveries

2. Following pioneering work in Georgia, an increasing number of states are successfully implementing independent peer support services programs that bill Medicaid directly. At least 30 states consider peer services a Medicaid reimbursable service

3. What do peer specialists do? Peer support specialists work in a variety of roles that include but are not limited to: independent peer support case management peer wellness coaching education and advocacy active participants on treatment teams in a full range of clinical settings.

Begin by thinking about those services that have been most helpful to you. They may be mental health services, vocational rehabilitation, or it might even be your local library or an adult education program. Then be watchful. Read your newspaper, watch T.V ., listen to the radio, search online, attend conferences. Talk to your peers, read your e-mails. If the services and programs that you care about are being threatened with funding cuts, make a commitment to do something about it.


As originator of RECOVERY WARRIORZ, Mom, Veteran, Entrepreneur, Tawanna Jackson, presently recognizes the significance of a strong establishment and network backing to continue a general better quality of life. Affected by components exhibited in her every day life, Tawanna was driven down a road that could have worn out her. Being in a situation where numerous companions and relatives were exposed to drugs, detainment, savagery, and monetary starvation, Tawanna was constrained to wind up an operator of progress.
RECOVERY WARRIORZ, a non-benefit association, is committed to instructing, pushing and supporting people on recuperation from any emotional wellness/conduct issue. This outreach furnishes youth and adults with instructive and recreational exercises expected to support constructive associations with their kindred subjects and advance constructive confidence, while teaching the pubic about psychological sickness. Its an obvious fact that Tawanna confronted her very own difficulties both in broad daylight and private. Nothing unexpected that her warrior soul has been enabled through RECOVERY WARRIORZ to reveal to her very own story, in her own particular manner and change the lives of others by offering hope and resources. Every day, she strives to demonstrate her 2 children the essence of versatility in spite of past disappointments. Tawanna at last looks to empower, give, and move her kids to seek after their ambitions, exceed expectations at their objectives while having an effect in their locale both locally and abroad.
Tawanna currently contracts with state of GA to provide peer support services for persons with mental/addictive disorders. She also offers FREE pardon assistance for reentering citizens and offers monthly ALL RECOVERY support groups. She will continue to feed her passion for persons in recovery by offering continued support to advocate and educate to forge a healthy positive recovery model.


  • Peer Support (mental health & addiction)
  • Emotional Support
  • Referrals/community resources
  • Support groups(WHAM & WRAP)
  • Recovery based groups(coping, stress mgt, substance abuse)
  • Resume Building
  • Pardon assistance(criminal record)
  • Community integration/inclusion
  • Employment leads
  • Clothing bank(small as needed


Recovery Warriorz values partnership and are open to new ideas and collaborations with other agencies/companies who would want to partner with them for cause or help launch their services/products. We value human lives and strives to ensure all person in recovery have accessible resources.
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  • Non-Profit Organizations


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