Recovery Warriorz

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As founder and CEO of RECOVERY WARRIORZ INC, Veteran, Mother, entrepreneur and humanitarian, Tawanna Jackson, realized early in life the importance of a solid foundation and community support to sustain a healthy and positive lifestyle. Impacted by circumstances present in her daily life, Tawanna was led down a path that could have ruined her.having been in an environment where many peers, friends and family members were subjected to drugs, incarceration, violence, and economic starvation.
RECOVERY WARRIORZ, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving and empowering the lives of seniors, homeless, veterans, single parents, their children and ultimately their communities. Under the direction of her children, Tawanna expanded her dream.This community outreach provides both children and adults with educational and recreational activities needed to nurture positive relationships with their fellow citizens and promote positive self-esteem. There is firsthand experience on both the right and wrong sides of the track with Tawanna.. No surprise that this lady has been empowered through RECOVERY WARRIORZ to tell her own story, in her own way. Each day, while being present in the lives of her children, she proves to them that hard work pay off. Tawanna ultimately seeks to encourage, provide, and inspire her children to pursue their dreams, excel at their goals while making an impact in her community both locally and abroad. Tawanna currently contracts with GA to provide peer support services for persons with mental/addictive disorders. Tawanna will continue to feed her passion for displaced individuals by offering continued support, to advocate and educate to forge a healthy positive recovery model.



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